Client Testimonials



After 30 years of consistent exercise through numerous programs, gyms and instructors, Patrick Brunetti’s instruction has provided the results I’ve sought to achieve. Patrick understands the dynamic of effective exercise leading to gains in strength, flexibility and endurance.  His goal is not to provide senseless cardio or conditioning to exhaust and, invariably injure,  but rather to promote well-being and mindfulness to correctly execute movement and build overall conditioning. Patrick expects intentional focus and effort to maximize time but his sense of humor and wit lifts the spirit for an overall positive experience.

- Joanne Giambertone



In my 40 plus years of exercise, I just wanted to say a few things about Pat Brunettii.
Pat is a very inspirational instructor, who will get you to go the extra percentages in order to be at your absolute best.  He strives for the individual to have the correct form and to do the exercise correctly.
In my two years doing his classes, I have achieved my specific goals and have seen an actual improvement in my physical well being.
He is a truly a great instructor, and I would recommend him to not only those who have been exercising for years, but also to beginners.  His wealth of knowledge is top notch. You cant go wrong taking his classes.

-Al Nardi


I've been training with Pat for over a year now and he is easily the best trainer I've worked with since I started working out almost 20 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable, pushes, and challenges his students but does so in a way that's motivating, educational, encouraging and fun.

- Bhauraw Avhad




I first met Pat during his boxing class.   His classes consist of cardio and very well instructed strength training.  Pat demonstrates techniques with precise form and his instruction is straight forward and very easy to understand.   Pat focuses on the proper form to effectively build strength and flexibility which helps prevent injuries.  The skills that he teaches can also be applied to other areas and is great for cross-training.  Pat adjusts his approach to your individual needs and modifies exercises to challenge people at every skill level.  My endurance and strength have all greatly improved over this past year.  Overall, it is great to be in Pat's class as he is full of humor and energy!




Pat is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough(“ Push yourself, you know you can hold that plank longer”) and supportive (“ You’re doing great, keep it up”).
Pat works with the whole person— mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun.
I recommend him without  reservation.

-Tracy Little



I have been taking Pat’s fitness classes and training with him for almost two years now. I am 56 and have worked out regularly -sports -fitness training -weigh lifting for just about all of my life.
Pat is a terrific instructor/coach and his classes  are simply excellent!
I love how he explains each exercise carefully and offers variations based on your current level of fitness, body type, past injuries, etc. He can challenge you, but does not intimidate you. He is patient and answers all questions. I have also had the opportunity to attend his workshops where I have learned some excellent new exercises and techniques. Since taking his classes I am more flexible and stronger. This has carried over to my daily activities of playing sports and working around the house.

-Alan Kaplan



After 20 years of studying multiple martial arts, Pat broke me out of the monotony of my daily fitness routine. I love discovering the GMB method and the new ways to play with movement.
Since working with Pat I have gained increased flexibility, mobility and strength.

-Kris Schoenleber



Thanks to Patrick Brunetti's boxing classes and fitness coaching I feel great every day. I have more strength, flexibility and control than ever before.
I started with Pat 3 years ago and have lost 50 pounds. These are the best workouts I have ever experienced. Pat gets you motivated, pumped up and excited to come to class and train.
I highly recommend his training and coaching to anyone no matter what your present condition is.

-Ichiro Hara