Your Personal Training sessions can be accessed in the Cloud anywhere and anytime as well as progress tracking via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Training Includes:

- A customized personal program

- Training at your own pace

- Updates and modifications as your fitness and skill levels improve



1. Begin with a Skype consultation to discuss your fitness goals and needs.

2. Receive a personalized workout easily accessed using the Dropbox app. or Google Docs. Along with any modifications you may need to help you progress. 

3. Videos sent to you directly with detailed instructions including sets, reps, progressions and modifications. 

4. My accountability with feedback and video reviews of your progress.





1. I will train you conveniently in your home if you choose this option. I will travel up to 15 miles from my home location to yours.

2. This option allows you to train privately in the comfort of your own space. This may be perfect to accommodate you if you are new to exercise.

3. Save time and money while working with a professional directly.



1.  Train one on one with me personally in my own gym/studio in the central

New Jersey area.

2. I will personally guide you through your own training and give you on the spot feedback, motivation and support.

3. All training regardless of which of these 3 options you choose, include Strength, Flexibility and Body Control training.  Using body weight, progressive calisthenics, pull up bar, gymnastic rings, parallettes and floor skills. You will gain confidence and control over all at a pace that will progress as you do.